Norwegian Summer Academy for Biblical Studies (NSABS)

Norwegian Summer Academy for Biblical Studies (NSABS)


International meeting 8-10 August 2018

The NSABS holds its third international meeting from 8-10 August 2018 at Ansgar University College and Theological Seminary. A number of renowned experts in Biblical Studies from different countries gather to present their views on the subject:

The Bible and Money: Between God and Mammon

We live in an age in which economy and politics are closely intertwined. A relatively small number of people representing a global elite seem to hold an enormous amount of power and economic resources in their hands. At the same time, a vast majority of people remain caught in sometimes very difficult economic circumstances.
In the Bible, such issues are also frequently mentioned. In the Old Testament, many of the prophets sharply criticize an all too large gap between the economically and socially powerful and the powerless and poor. In the New Testament, Jesus points to a deep chasm between serving God and serving Mammon.
There are many additional passages in the Bible that help understand issues of money and social justice, from a rich array of different angles. Some of these shall be explored in the 2018 international meeting of the NSABS, exploring ways to tackle present challenges in the realm of economics and social life in an informed and nuanced manner, seeking answers that go beyond the agendas of political party platforms.

General Statement of Purpose

The Norwegian Summer Academy for Biblical Studies has been established in 2011 at the initiative of Prof. Dr. Markus Zehnder and Prof. Dr. Hallvard Hagelia.
The main goal of the Summer Academy is to promote knowledge in the field of Biblical Studies by gathering internationally renowned scholars in the areas both of Hebrew Bible and New Testament to explore jointly highly relevant questions in the research of the Bible. The gatherings are planned to take place at regular intervals.
The Summer Academy thereby aims at
  • breaking through the often too rigid boundaries between research in the Hebrew Bible and research in the New Testament;
  • encouraging discussion among scholars of different theological schools and beyond the limits of denominational and cultural barriers;
  • furthering the understanding of biblical texts by providing a venue for tight scholarly collaboration;
  • enhancing the perception of the importance of the Bible in addressing the challenging questions of the present-day world.
The NSABS also makes clear that top quality research in the field of Biblical Studies and international scholarly collaboration are among the priorities of the mission of Ansgar University College and Theological Seminary.

Earlier international meetings

The second international meeting
The NSABS held its second international meeting 10-11 August 2015 at Ansgar University College and Theological Seminary. A number of renowned experts in Biblical Studies from six different countries gathered to present their views on various aspects of on one of the most urgent topics that our globalized world faces:
Interreligious Relations: Biblical Perspectives
In their presentations and the ensuing discussions it was explored how biblical texts and their interpretation can contribute to better understand various dimensions of the complex topic of interreligious relations. It is the hope of the organizers of the conference that these papers, mostly taking on the issue from a historical perspective, will contribute to better handle the present challenges connected with this topic.
The papers presented at the conference will be collected and published by Sheffield Phoenix Press likely in 2016/2017.
The first international meeting
From 6-7 August 2012 the NSABS held its first International Meeting, dealing with the topic “Violence and Ethics in the Bible”. The choice of the topic was triggered, among others, by the tragic events in the summer of 2011 in Oslo and Utøya.
Twenty scholars from nine different countries, representing Judaism, the Roman Catholic Church and a number of Protestant denominations, gathered to present papers on various aspects of this important question and to discuss them in plenary sessions. About twenty additional guests participated in the lectures and discussions. The papers presented at this conference are published in the volume “Encountering Violence in the Bible”, ed. Markus Zehnder and Hallvard Hagelia, Sheffield 2013.

Co-Presidents of the NSABS

Prof. Dr. Markus Zehnder and Prof. Dr. Hallvard Hagelia
For further information please contact one of the co-presidents, at
Prof. Dr. Hallvard Hagelia
Photo taken by Prof. Dr. Markus Zehnder